Easter Crafts for Little Cubs

Easter Crafts for Little Cubs

Little cub Florence recently took Nana to a workshop for babies and toddlers and they created some amazing works of art, under the talented supervision of Victoria, who owns Baby Prints Cheltenham. Using their lovely little fingerprint kits, Flo got stuck in making a picture of flowers and bunnies with her little piggy paws, and a lovely wand that she proudly waved at Dada.


With the Easter Holidays upon us, and the weather set to be very un-spring like, we’re planning a few more rainy days at home with our cousin and pals to do some more fingerprint crafting with the little ones. It’s suitable from around 6 months upwards, so is nice that everyone can join in together, plus it is a low mess alternative to painting – anything that’s easier to clean up gets a big yes from me!


At the workshop, older toddlers were designing their own pictures & cards, making fantastic crowns (perfect for the upcoming Royal wedding!), and even printing their hands and feet with the fingerprint inks. They are fast drying and can go straight onto the fridge door of fame, or straight into an envelope for greetings cards. It’s easy to find craft shapes and ink at any craft retailer or online craft shops, and make your own kit. Or if you are a non-crafty Mama like me, you can simply buy a kit from Victoria – as she says, the most important thing is to let your imagination run wild and have fun in the process! 

Victoria’s fingerprinting kit contains three colours of ink, Easter and Spring craft shapes and a blank card and envelope, all for just £5 plus p&p, follow Baby Prints Cheltenham on follow Baby Prints Cheltenham on Instagram www.instagram.com/babyprintscheltenham message victoria@baby-prints.com to order yours now. 


For our local little cub followers, Victoria is hosting an Easter holiday fingerprint workshop. Join her at The Willow Tree for a fun fingerprint craft morning on Friday 6th April at 11am. Just £5 per child. Refreshments and yummy cakes are available on site. She'll also be selling her fingerprint craft kits so you can take more fun home only £5 per set! Book here, but hurry, spaces are limited!! 




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