7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

Make a Loo Roll Bird Feeder 7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

Bertie loves nothing more than getting his wellies on and going on adventures in the great outdoors. Here he shares 7 nature themed play ideas for kids that will encourage little cubs to learn about nature while having fun outside.


Who wouldn’t like to make and wear a beautiful nature crown? This nature inspired activity from Small Hands Big World is a lovely activity for children of all ages to take part in. All you need for this simple craft is duct tape, paper (we used brown paper for a more natural look) and a colourful mix of the season’s finest nature goodies, leaves, flowers and grasses all look great! Follow the link here for instructions on how to make your nature crowns, and remember to tag us in your creations!

Flower Crow - 7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

Credit – Small Hands Big World



This fun nature themed activity is great for playing in the summer months and for cooling down in warmer weather! Simply freeze some petals, leaves and flowers in different shaped containers, (we find snack tubs work well) freeze overnight then watch as your little cub has fun exploring! This is a great activity for all ages, and babies will love to get involved too with this fun sensory experience. For more fun ideas, check out the Artful Parent blog.

Nature Ice Blocks 7_nature_themed_play_ideas_for_kids

Credit – The Artful Parent


Get out and explore the great outdoors with your little cub on a fun-filled Nature Scavenger Hunt. What will you find? What sounds will your hear? Will you spot any mini-beasts, or see any signs of wildlife? Simply download your FREE Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet below, print it off and take it with you on your next walk. Be sure to let us know what nature treasure you find!

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Cotswold Baby Co

What treasure will you find?


Little Cubs will love exploring the patterns and textures of bark with this fun activity. It’s so simple to do and can be done in any season too!  Simply take some crayons and paper  on your next outdoor adventure, then choose a tree with interesting bark. Place the paper against the tree trunk and then rub the crayons over the paper to make a print of the bark pattern.

Encourage your children to experiment with different trees, then take a look at the bark rubbings to see how they compare. Why not talk about what types of trees you’ve been exploring and teach your little nature lovers the names of the trees too?

Nature Rubbings - 7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids | Cotswold Baby Co

Credit: Dan Lee / WTML


This is a great activity for using up old flowers, really easy to set up and lots of fun! As it’s a water based activity, this is a good activity to do outdoors in summer months, but it can be done indoors, (with a towel) or even in the bath!

Simply fill a plastic storage tub with some water, add some kids kitchen utensils, sieves and spoons for mixing then cut the stems off the flowers and add them to the water. Little ones will have great fun mixing, sorting and exploring … and of course splashing so make sure you have a towel handy! For more information, have a look at the All About Kids Blog.

Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids - Flower Soup | Cotswold Baby Co

Credit – All About Kids


Collect nature treasure on a woodland walk, then use your nature jewels for this fun nature activity! With minimal set up and maximum fun, this is a great activity for exploring nature with children. Simply lay out all of your nature “paintbrushes” onto the tray, add a little bit of each paint colour to the paper plate and you’re ready to go! Not only does your little one get to be creative, but they also practice their fine motor skills and colours too! For more information on this activity have a look at the Toddler at Play Blog.

Painting with Nature 7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

Credit – Toddler at Play


This great activity from The Woodland Trust is super-fun for little ones to get stuck into! Plus learn about the birds in your garden and neighbourhood at the same time. This simple bird feeder can be made with items you most likely already have at home, although an adult may need to help with the messy bits!

To make your Bird Feeder:

  1. Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds).
  2. Roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole.
  3. Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.

You can find out more about the birds you may spot by checking out this useful bird-spotting blog. How many different types of birds will you spot?

Make a Loo Roll Bird Feeder 7 Nature Themed Play Ideas for Kids

Credit – The Woodland Trust

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