Unique New Sister Gifts to Celebrate and Engage Little Cubs in Country Style

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a joyous occasion for everyone involved, especially for the soon-to-be big sisters! It’s an exciting time that calls for some special attention and, of course, sister gifts to help them feel cherished and included. But what makes a gift truly stand out?

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Embrace the Rural Charm with New Sister Gifts

At Cotswold Baby Co, we believe that gift ideas for sister should not only be delightful but also evoke the enchanting allure of the countryside. Thus, we have curated a collection of farm and country-themed gifts, designed especially for those adorable little cubs stepping into their new role as a big sister.

Engaging Toys to Spark Imagination

Our Tractor Bear, a super cuddly companion, stands 30cm tall and is adorned with our splendid tractor pyjamas, promising not just a snugly friend but also a hint of our charming rural theme, making it a fantastic and unique new sister gift.

bear gift for sister


Moreover, our storybook Runaway Tractor not only provides an entertaining tale of Ted's adventurous tractor journey on Apple Tree Farm but also becomes a perfect bedtime story to share with the new sibling, enhancing bonding time.

tractor book present for sister

Stimulate Creative Play with Unique Gifts

In the realm of interactive toys, meet Hamish the Highland Cow puppet. This adorable hand puppet not only stimulates imaginative and creative play but also becomes a playful medium for older siblings to engage and entertain their new baby brother or sister, fostering a beautiful sibling relationship right from the start.

scottish highland cow puppet gift for big sister

Why Choose Farm and Country Themed Gifts?

Choosing a sister present from our farm-inspired collection not only supports their imaginative play with a touch of the enchanting countryside but also offers a gentle nod to our rural roots and love for all things country. From toys and activity books to crayons, soft toys, and puzzles, our collection exudes the charming allure of the farm, ensuring your gifts are not only delightful but also meaningful.

A Community That Understands

We understand that finding the perfect sister presents can be a task, especially when trying to navigate through the emotions and excitement of welcoming a new member to the family. For more perspectives and shared experiences on this, the community at Mumsnet provides a supportive platform where parents and family members discuss, advise, and share stories of their own journey.

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